Pocketful of Pebbles by Victoria Carless, Lisa Smith and Tammy Weller/ Inspired by Traditional Tales

Mr Phoenix is feeling a little worse for wear. It’s true he’s not as glamorous as he used to be. His feathers are falling out. His memory is failing. Oh dear.

As a phoenix, it is his birthright to rise from the ashes: and so to live forever. But Mr Phoenix fears his time may be drawing to an end. He can’t know for sure.

Just in case, he has invited children to bear witness to the sharing of three important tales: tales of grand adventure, of facing fears and of transformation. He’s not entirely sure that children can be trusted, but he has to take that chance. Up to now, it’s been up to him to keep the stories alive. Now he needs your help.

This delightful production takes its audience on adventures that remind you what you’ve always loved about stories, and why they truly matter.