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Pilot program : August 2019 to january 2020



WHITE RABBIT YOUTH ENSEMBLE is an immersive training program for 15- 22 year olds looking to pursue a career in theatre and performance. The program includes weekly sessions in voice, movement and acting skills as well as Masterclasses and Intensives with guest industry professionals, preparation for Drama School Auditions (where applicable), and performance opportunities throughout the program.


WHO is eligible to apply?

Young performers aged 15-22 years are encouraged to audition. No experience is necessary, however the ability to demonstrate passion for and/or experience in the performing arts will be looked upon favorably at audition.


HOW do I apply?

Applicants need to complete an AUDITION, after which they may be offered a place in the White Rabbit Youth Ensemble. An audition is not a guarantee of entry into the program.


WHY should I audition for the Youth Ensemble? 

The WRYE program is unlike anything else on offer on the Gold Coast; placing emerging artists at the centre of their own creative journeys, and giving equal weighting to training voices, bodies and minds as well as ample opportunities to test these skills in a performative context. And, being the PILOT PROGRAM, participants will have the opportunity to reflect, shape and influence how the program progresses into its bright future. The learning process in art is never over, and the creative team at White Rabbit see it as a joy and a privilege to guide and nurture young performers as they explore and expand their creative practices.


AUDITIONS WILL TAKE PLACE ON SATUDAY 3rd AUGUST 2019 ... contact ainslee@whiterabbittheatre.com.au to book your audition and recieve audition materials!!! 




White Rabbit Studio


The Burrow Book Club

A monthly meeting place for busy bibliophiles

Enjoy listening and participating in conversations about your favourite books and those gems you're yet to discover with Guest Authors and Special Guests

LAUNCHING in 2019! Details annouced soon.

No ongoing commitments or prepartion necessary. ALL WELCOME! 


WIRELESS: Play Reading Series

Revisit the world of radio plays as professional actors, directors and musicians bring a rehearsed reading to life for an intimate audience.




A weekly improv group for actors and other creatively inclined adults keen to explore the wonderful world of improvisation ... 



Works in Development


White Rabbit Theatre Ensemble is passionate about supporting the creation of new work. Currently, Lisa Smith’s first full-length play ‘FIDDLER’S GREEN’ is in its third draft under the guidance of dramaturg Peter Matheson.


Davy is a fisherman. He’s spent most of his life at sea, now that he thinks about it. The longest relationship he’s had is with his boat, Doris. He didn’t plan it that way; it’s just how things worked out.

But it wasn’t always this way. There was someone, once.

And as Doris slowly sinks, the boat is flooded with memories as well as water. And not all of them are welcome.


"I hear the fiddle. Perhaps the stories are true after all."